Moving Out of 2017

My usual moving day kerfuffle…


I really fecking hate moving house… I know those who actually enjoy the process are few and far between but I seriously despise it. I’ve done it so many fricking times at this stage you’d think I’d be a dab hand but sadly, the reality is I’ve gotten progressively worse. I manage to accumulate ridiculous amounts between moves and a sweeping ‘detox my wardrobe and other crap’ occupies a perennial bullet point on my never-ending to do list. I dip my toes in and out of the ‘stuff-detoxing’ process but never get very far. Every time I move, I invariably end up in a pub nursing a gin to soothe my nerves after conveniently deciding I’d be better off postponing the detox until I get a feel for the lay of the land in the new place. And every time I settle in the new place, the only lay of the land I get a feel for is how to store inhuman amounts of clothes, books and other clutter in every available nook and cranny.



Anyway, I digress as per usual. I have to move before the new year and plan to finally undertake it in a more composed way! I took the advice of a friend who was in a similar bind a few months ago and gave away stuff according to the number of day of the month-  1 item for December 1st (so not to onerous at the outset!), 2 items for December 2nd, 3 for December 3rd and so on… I’m at day 24 today as started a little late(!) but it’s been working a charm. I feel a million times lighter which is no mean feat given the piggery of the past few weeks. I’ve deferred to the tidying and organisation maestro Marie Kondo to inspire my decisions as to what to chuck or pack.


The book that launched thousands of decluttering ships… The sequel, ‘Spark Joy’ emphasises the same principles, in a more prescriptive and less sentimental way..


In case you’ve missed the Marie Kondo memo, her book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’ espouses that items you retain should spark joy in you. Sometimes that joy is elicited from using the item rather than from the item per se. Her focus is on simplifying your life by discarding superfluous items, rather than on tidying and storage solutions. Implementing her advice changes your mentality, rendering it easier to ‘stay tidy’ in the longer term. Have a look below to get the gist if you’d like to lighten your load pre-2018…



Anyway, I hope you all enjoy your Betwixtmas and many, many thanks for your support of the blog in 2017… See you next year!

P.S. Thanks is also due to the many items I’ve discarded this month… Marie Kondo’s process involves thanking discarded items before sending them off on their merry way (see the summary above) and I may have gotten lazy at some point on my discarding journey!



My name is Michelle and I’m a Dublin-based GP (family doctor). Life is short: take the minimalist approach to maximise your health!

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